Branislav Vidovic

Branislav Vidovic


Dr. Branislav Vidovic is a specialist in Orthodontics and has been in full-time practice of Orthodontics since 1995.
He holds a Master of Science degree in orthodontics. In his private practice, he has the experience of having successfully treated over 4000 patients. He is the author of several scientific papers and served as a lecturer at many dental meetings. He is the current President of the Serbian Orthodontic Society.


INVITED LECTURE: The Influence of Orthodontic Treatment on Facial Balance.

The lecture will encompass the analysis of facial soft tissues changes following orthodontic treatment. Soft tissue profile changes are assessed with respect to dental and skeletal structure changes in order to determine what kind of mutual connection there is between them and how that connection can be used to efficiently manage dental structures in orthodontic treatment, not only for the purposes of achieving optimal occlusal relationships, but also in the sense of achieving a balanced facial appearance. Attendees of this lecture will be able to define the most important skeletal and dental structures which influence these processes, to analyze the intensity and direction of their mutual connections, and to illustrate them on the basis of obtained clinical practice results by comparing treated cases.

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