Albino Triaca

Albino Triaca


After completing his studies in both human and dental medicine (1971-1978 & 1981-1984) at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, Dr. Triaca successfully finished his specialty in Maxillofacial Surgery in 1987 (UZH, Switzerland).

Enriching his experience in the fields of General and Pediatric Surgery during his studies at the UZH, he followed a fellowship in Plastic Surgery at the University of Miami, Florida, USA in 1990. Since 1990, he holds the head position at both the European Center of Maxillo-Facial and Aesthetic Surgery, (Republic di San Marino) and the Maxillo-Facial Center (Klinik Pyramide am See). Holding a lectureship position at the University of Salzburg since 2014, Dr.

Triaca has been involved in approximately 200 lectures on national and international congresses, from which about 120 as a speaker.

PRE-CONGRESS COURSE: Chinwing osteotomy as alternative to orthognathic surgery to correct skeletal deformities: A new facial concept

A new technique for an extended genioplasty, the mandibular wing osteotomy is presented step by step. This osteotomy allows correcting the position of the chin prominence, to change the aspect of the divergence in the mandibular angle and to achieve a lip competence in cases where it is needed. All these movements of the lower border of the mandible can be performed completely independently from the positioning of the bases that is necessary for the correction of the malocclusion.

Course sponsored by
UNIDENT Konstantinos Tzivelekas

KEYNOTE LECTURE: Surgical management of Cleft lip and palate patients

The aim of the presentation is to demonstrate all aspects of secondary cleft surgery, with particular emphasis on partial and bilateral correction procedures for both cleft lips and cleft nose. New techniques will be presented in detail relating to the applications of treatment of lip scars as well as the treatment of residual clefts. Close attention will be paid to the detailed demonstration of surgical techniques relating to the partial and bilateral cleft nose procedures.

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