Program at a glance

1st Congress of B.A.O.S. 2017

You can download the full detailed program here.

You can download the program at a glance here.

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Friday, December 1, 2017

Pre-congress courses


Albino Triaca

Chinwing osteotomy as alternative to orthognathic surgery to correct skeletal deformities: A new facial concept

Course sponsored by UNIDENT Konstantinos Tzivelekas


Christos Angelopoulos

The leap from panoramic radiology to CBCT: What are we looking? What are we gaining?



Opening Ceremony Keynote Lecture


Theodore Eliades

Smart materials in Orthodontics: a glimpse of the future


Saturday & Sunday, December 2-3, 2017


Keynote speakers


Albino Triaca

Surgical management of Cleft lip and palate patients

Ewa Czochrowska

Management of missing maxillary incisors with tooth transplantation

Demetrios J. Halazonetis

Do orthodontic radiographic images lie? How to avoid common errors in image interpretation

Raffaele Spena

Periodontally Facilitated Orthodontics: A different perspective of alveolar corticotomy

Letizia Perillo

Early treatment of dento-skeletal Class III malocclusion: if, when, why and how

Stella Chausu and Ayala Stabholz

Orthodontic treatment – cause and answer to gingival recessions?

Pradip Shetye

Computerized orthognathic surgical planning for complex craniofacial deformities


Invited speakers

Ιoulia Ioannidou-Marathiotou and Moschos A. Papadopoulos

Orthodontic management of cleft lip and palate patients: The path to happiness

Gabriela Kjurchieva-Chuchkova

Myofunctional treatment approach at developing dentition

Ayşe Tuba Altuğ

Is it possible to protract the maxilla by surgically assisted rapid maxillary expansion (SARME) and intermaxillary Class III elastics?

Apostolos I. Tsolakis

Managing impacted maxillary canines. From diagnosis to treatment

Enita Nakas

Wake up call for Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

Nikolaos Gkantidis

From 2D to 3D superimposition of craniofacial structures: current knowledge and future perspectives

Georgios Kanavakis

Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? – A quantitative approach to facial attractiveness

Eleftherios G. Kaklamanos

Can we prevent the impaction of palatally displaced maxillary canines?

Iosif Sifakakis 

Evidence on fixed retention

Spyridon N. Papageorgiou

Optimized orthodontic mechanics based on finite element analyses

Athina Chatzigianni

3D shape analysis in Orthodontics

Branislav Vidovic

The influence of orthodontic treatment on facial balance 

Michael Kalavrytinos 

Treating Class III maloclusion. Is there a limit between Οrthodontics and Surgery?

Vasileios F. Zymperdikas and Moschos A. Papadopoulos

Bisphosphonates in Orthodontics: Myths and facts


Oral Presentations I

Papers marked with an asterisk (*) are candidates for the O.S.N.G. Awards


Tzatzakis V. Indirect invisalign: Final step in the completion of orthodontic treatment

Tzatzakis V. Indirect therapy with invisalign

Tzatzakis V. Invisalign and preventive orthodontics

Kouvelis G, Papadimitriou A, Merakou K, Doulis I, Karapsias S, Barbouni A. The impact of fixed orthodontic treatment to saliva properties and microbial flora: A prospective study

Tsolakis KI, Tsolaki AK. Transverse rebound growth in the rat maxillary complex and application to everyday clinical practice

Palios M, Tsolakis AI, Panagiotis K, Goutzanis L. Mini implants as a tool for the treatment of congenitally missing lateral incisors in adolescent patients

Dimovska R, Naumovski S. Teamwork in cleft lip and patient treatment: MK experience

*Doulis I, Papadopoulos MA. Skeletal-anchored maxillary molar distalization with the amda® appliance: A series of four treated cases

*Kakali L, Stavropoulos D. Dental agenesis patterns in orthodontic patients

*Katsikogianni E, Korb K, Daum E, Lux CJ, Erber R. Orthodontically induced root resorption: In-vitro investigation of the role of neuronal guidance molecules in human primary cementoblasts

*Roulias P, Barbouni A, Tsolakis AI. Prevalence of orthodontic malocclusions in children and adolescents referred to public hospital

*Tsolakis IA, Venkat D, Hans MG, Alonso AD, Palomo JM. When static meets dynamic: Comparing CBCT and acoustic reflection for upper airway analysis


Oral Presentations II


Maya C, Ozkalayci N. Evaluation of facial aesthetics in patients in need of orthodontic treatment

Sharafeldin A, Abdelkader HM, Shahba RA, Hafez H. Changes in maxillary arch parameters concomitant to maxillary first premolar extraction in treatment of Angle Class II malocclusion

Ayaz B, Akça AB, Ozkalayci N. Analyzing the force value that is applied by different kind of nickel-titanium wires

Ordu BN, Esenlik E, Findik Y, Orhan H. Three-dimensional evaluation of segmental and interdental corticotomy-assisted tooth movement on the soft tissue profile

Yüksel E, Esenlik E, Orhan H. Evaluation of functional orthopedic treatment on soft tissue by three-dimensional imaging


Poster Presentations

Papers marked with an asterisk (*) are candidates for the O.S.N.G. Awards


*Magkavali-Trikka P, Emmanouilidis G, Papadopoulos MA. Mandibular molar uprighting using orthodontic miniscrew implants: A systematic review

*Kakka A, Fanaropoulou T, Damanakis G. Etiology, effects and treatment of ankylosed deciduous molars: A literature review and report of cases

*Georgiadis AA. Interproximal reduction: Indications – application

*Giantikidis I, Kakali L, Papadopoulos MA. Assessment of periodontal biomarkers in gingival crevicular fluid during orthodontic tooth movement: A systematic review

*Inglezos E, Kaklamanos EG, Sander M. Titanium rapid palatal expander for patients with nickel allergy

*Mylonopoulou IM, Vagdouti G, Katsigialou N, Halazonetis D. Anchorage reinforcement using ankylosed mandibular primary molars in cases with congenitally missing second premolars

*Tsiavaki C, Tseleki G, Timplalexis D. Potential allergens in an orthodontic practice

Aydin M, Esenlik E, Orhan H. Comparison of face mask treatment outcomes in patients with increased and decreased vertical plane angles

Dimitroska S, Stefanova-Trposka MP, Kanurkova L. Evaluating of morphological changes of dental structures in different facial type

Dontsos V, Chatzigianni A, Papadopoulos MA. Obstructive sleep apnea: A medical condition and orthodontic intervention

Gratsia SD, Katsigialou ND, Angelopoulos GG. Speech disorders and malocclusion: An orthodontic speech evaluation approach for proper recording

Isufi A, Isufi R, Isufi R. Orthodontist’s collaboration in Orthognathic Surgery

Isufi I, Isufi A, Veshaj H, Isufi R. Multidisiplinary treatment in patients with skeletal class III malocclusion and missing upper front teeth

Katsigialou ND, Gratsia SD, Angelopoulos GG. Is there a correlation between hypodontia and malignancy? A hereditary questionnaire proposal

Evangeliou S, Kogia I, Vlachou G. Orthodontic extrusion or extraction and the abilities they offer

Koukouviti MM, Kyprianou C, Chatzigianni A, Zafeiriadis AA. Color changes of clear thermoplastic aligners and retainers during intraoral service

Kyprianou C, Koukouviti MM, Zafeiriadis AA, Chatzigianni A. Computer-assisted infant orthopedics in cleft lip and palate patients: Current concepts

Liasi I, Papazekou P. Miniscrew orthodontic implants as temporary replacement of missing maxillary lateral incisors

Vasoglou G, Markomanolaki C, Vasoglou M. Mini-implants as an alternative method to surgical treatment in skeletal open bite cases

Pajevic T, Juloski J, Vucic L, Stamenkovic Z, Stojanovic L. Class II, division 1 treatment in adolescent using Twin Block appliance: A case report

Papadimitriou A, Mousoulea S, Kloukos D. Effects of social media on reliable knowledge among patients around orthodontic treatment: A systematic review

Roulias P, Damanakis G, Tsolakis AI. Advantages of invisalign technique in treatment of difficult clinical cases

Zivkovic Sandic M, Stefanovic NL, Glisic B. Genetic mutations in hypodontia patients

Sarafopoulou S, Beycan K. Three-dimensional evaluation of skeletofacial asymmetry in skeletal Class III patients treated with double-jaw orthognathic surgery

Stojanovic L, Stefanovic NL. Class III malocclusion: Surgery or orthodontics?

Stojanovic L, Stefanovic NL. Hypodontia of the upper lateral incisors: A therapeutic approach

Yüksel S, Bozkaya E, Toğral N. Multidisciplinary treatment of Class III malocclusion

Tsiplakis V, Pardalidou P, Dianiskova S. Comparison between labial and lingual fixed appliances: Patients’ perspective

Turk T, Yelken IA. Treatment of upper arch collapse

Andjelic J, Andjelic I. Orthodontic prevention in everyday dental practice

Matijevic S, Andjelic I. Retention of deciduous teeth as a cause of orthodontic anomalies